Thursday, October 20, 2011

ARY NEWS: Off the Record with Kashif Abbasi, Zulfiqar Mirza and Sheikh Rashid - October 20, 2011

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Shah said...

Kashif Abbasi and many others on the TV shows want a revolt / revolution to start. They also want the leaders to come forward to lead that.

The question is that it is THESE very bastards who always maligned dictatorship. It is these bastards that parroted democracy all along. Let us say that some people come forward and lead a revolt. What would they call it. Why are they ok with it, when it won't be democratic. Revolutions are never democratic. They are revolutions. And when revolutions come, they don't follow any set rules.

Another question is, before one raises such a question as to why someone does not step forward to lead the revolution. One has to ask, what did this nation do to the ones who actually benefitted them.

By any means, in the history of Pakistan the most prosperous times were either of Ayub Khan or Musharraf.

- This nation called Ayub khan : Ayub kutta hai hai. And the guy stepped down. Then what followed were the two grand bastards i.e. Yahya Khan and Bhutto. And no one said any such thing for them.

- The second was Musharraf. And many people maligned him, and didn't vote for him. They were ok for the CHEAP justice, corrupt Judiciary, yellow journalism, and loved the DEMOCRACY, that has never failed to fail in the last +63 years of Pakistan history.

Musharraf went away and now the people in power are the greatest bastards of all times. And now everyone seems just fine with it. Everyone still wants to say YES to democracy and "Jamhooriat jaisi bhi ho, aamriat se behtar hoti hai"

Tau bhai chatto iss Jamhooriat ko, abb kyun rotay ho.

Shah said...

Abb kyun Masiha talash kar rahe ho.

Agar aisa hi karna thaa, tau kehtay, keh Jamhooriat chahyay aur aik Masiha bhi, jiss ko hum baad mein galian dein.

Wah bhai wah.

You people cannot say that God did not give u good people. It is you who always behaved like Bani Israel and were ungrateful. And God does not like unappreciative people.